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Treatments and techniques

Spa Essentials

Relaxation  massage

Swedish massage techniques, to increase the "rest & digest" nervous system. Let go of the tension from every day. Add essential oils for a more immersive experience. 

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Sports therapy

Deep tissue treatment for specific conditions related to training and acute injuries. Certified to use kinesio tape in treatment.

Holding Tummy

Pre or post-natal massage

Reduce the pains of pregnancy through specialized and focused therapy. Pre-natal pillow available for additional comfort and support. 


Graston Technique©

A form of non-surgical soft tissue therapy using stainless steel instruments that helps treat chronic pain and repetitive strain injuries by breaking down scar tissue. 


Trigger point therapy

Painful trigger points or "knots" can accumulate in muscles. Our targeted techniques can alleviate these symptoms. 


Deep tissue  massage

Help relieve the chronic pain from injuries, knots and stress with a targeted deep tissue massage. 

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